Principal Protection

Fixed annuity strategies provide full principal protection from market downturns and completely limit your stock market risk.

Income For Life

Immediate annuities provide guaranteed income for as long as you live and help protect against the risk of outliving your savings. Income payments from annuities can start immediately or at a specific time in the future you choose. The two basic choices are to start receiving your income now or later.

Income Now

If you need immediate income, the following two strategies may meet your needs:

Income Later

Annuities can be structured to provide income later in life. This allows you to know exactly what your contractually guaranteed lifetime income payments will be.


Legacy planning allows you to maintain control of your beneficiary’s inheritance even after you’re gone. You can have the power to say how or when your annuity assets will be passed on. For example, if your beneficiaries may not know how to manage a lump-sum inheritance. You can tailor different distribution plans for each beneficiary—depending on their age, financial savvy, or other needs.


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