Reviews of Top Sold Annuities

Below you will find an independent review of the most popular annuities on today’s market. This review is not endorsed by any annuity company.

What can make these annuities particularly appealing to clients is the opportunity to have more flexibility in investment strategy while maintaining financial stability.

All of these annuities:

  • Are available through independent agents
  • Are offered by very strong, well-known companies with high independent ratings from A.M. Best, S&P and Moody’s .
  • Are fixed indexed annuities that offer market-linked growth potential without actually being invested in the market
  • Offer diverse choice of indexed strategies and crediting options with opportunity to allocate certain amounts within your premium to grow interest in different ways
  • Give control over insurance options with opportunity to change allocation of your funds annually or biennially
  • Guaranteed lifetime income and beneficiary protection
  • Offer potential for tax deferred growth
  • Allow access to your money with a penalty-free withdrawal of up to 10% of accumulation value annually after the end of 1st contract year.

Please be advised that annuity offers vary by state and may change weekly, please contact us to receive free up to date detailed info.

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