Balanced Choice 12 Annuity by Athene

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Balanced Choice Series by Athene offer fixed index annuities with patented Balanced Allocation Strategy that is focused on growth and flexibility. Most popular in the series is Balanced Choice Annuity 12, which has a 12 year surrender period and maximum benefits. It’s available for ages 0-76(0-64 in FL). This annuity also offers optional additional benefits, such as 4% Death Benefit Rollup with 0.50% annual fee, Balanced Allocation Lifetime Income Rider (BALIR®) with 0.85% annual fee and 10% Premium Bonus option with 0.85% annual fee.


  • Patented Balanced Allocation Strategy with no limits and caps produces better than average growth over the term of the contract
  • There is an optional fixed rate allocation
  • 3 optional riders with additional benefits offered


  • Rates, fees and allocation percentages are subject to change during the life of the contract
  • There is an annual Strategy Charge

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