Market Twelve Bonus Index Annuity by Equitrust with Income For Life Rider by Equitrust

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Market Twelve Bonus Index is a single premium fixed indexed deferred annuity with 14 year surrender period, available to single persons and couples age 0 to 75. It offers a 12% bonus paid over three year period, 6% is applied to the premium at issue, and 2% on the first, second and third contract anniversaries. Surrender period is 14 years Contract minimum is $30,000 at the initial payment, with optional subsequent premium deposits of $2,000 or more during the first contract year. Subsequent premiums may be limited to the amount of the initial premium. Interest crediting strategies include five index-based options and a fixed-rate account. Annuitization options include choices of payment for life, payment of a designated amount or payment for a certain period of time. Income For Life is an optional rider available in approved states, it offers even better lifetime income guarantee, based on minimum guaranteed accumulation rate of 6.0% for up to 10 years and allows more flexibility with income payments. Rider fee is 0.75% annually. Lifetime Income withdrawal percentage is based on your age at the time when you first elect to receive income withdrawals.


  • Generous 12% premium bonus offered
  • Additional premium payments are allowed during the first contract year
  • Guaranteed lifetime income withdrawals with flexible payment schedule
  • Offers competitive interest rates
  • Income For Life Rider allows to start income withdrawals any time after the second contract year and age 50
  • Income For Life Rider allows to start and stop income payments when you choose


  • Rider charge is 0.75% of the income base total annually
  • Fixed interest rate on the account is subject to change annually
  • Once lifetime income payments begin, the accumulation of interest ends
  • Relatively high surrender charges
  • In addition to surrender charges, Market Value Adjustment (MVA) is applied to all annual withdrawals in excess of 10% annually, before annuitization starts

On a full surrender, the minimum guaranteed surrender value of 87.5% rule will be applied to the premium (including accumulated interest)

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