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A young man without a shortage of audacity

J. Ducas is a young man without a shortage of audacity. At age 16, Ducas has accomplished more than many aspire to in a lifetime. Ducas has been named "the most powerful person in finance"(click to view article) and was recently featured on Forbes (click to view article). More importantly Future Forbes List is very grateful to have John Ducas agree to be our first ever Millennial Profile. His knowledge is exponential and his insight is very valuable.

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Ducas had the luxury of starting out very early. While the majority of 9 year old kids werebusy watching Disney Channel Ducas says, "I initially got started at the age of 9. CNBC is what really got me interested in the markets". I was primarily interested in what lit Ducas' spark. When asked who inspired him he told us, "At that age I didn't really have any mentors. People who I looked up to though included Michael Jordan and Neil Armstrong, I was very much into basketball back then ". Ducas claims he built his skill in the market with a hands on approach saying, "I am a strong believer in actually being confronted in a situation is better than studying it. So in my case I immediately opened an account, instead of just reading about it. Entrepreneurship on the other hand just came naturally. I was always interested in discovering new industries and actually being part of them. Investing has allowed me to be involved with companies and sectors I would never have had the opportunity before". There is no doubt Ducas had a different mindset then the "average" kid. He has used his early age to get ahead of life and boy has he gotten ahead!

Within 7 years Ducas has had a long rap sheet of success. So I asked him what is the difference between 9 year old John Ducas and present day John Ducas, Ducas replied saying, " I am much more conscious than I was before. I always do my research and due diligence (two factors I encourage in every entrepreneur). My ventures have gotten much larger as time moves on." Since then Ducas founded and currently operates 2 successful companies, a financial firm, and a tech startup. You can also add the title of educator to his name. Ducas started "The Beginners Guide To the Stock Market" and currently teaches almost 5,000 students about the basics of the market. Aside from his keen interest in business and finance Ducas also has a passion and experiences in politics. Ducas recently founded a news network called the "Young Informer", within 3 months Ducas already has 20,000 subscribers (View and Subscribe).

Financially Ducas has excelled. He opened his own fund at the age of 13, currently he says his portfolio is composed of BRK-B, AAPL, LNKD, XOM and TLT bond. Last year he saw a 16% return on his portfolio. When it comes to his investment strategy Ducas says, "I am both an investor and speculator, a rare breed as an economics professor I know told me. I was always an investor and focused on technology, financials and consumer staples (i.e. high growth industries), but have recently expanded into currency and FX trading. I am currently in the process of finishing building a trading algorithm to trade the currency markets". Ducas is also the founder of Ducas Capital Management which is a financial firm thatsupplies over 110 clients his reports on securities and general macroeconomics for $15 to $150 per month (click to view).

Ducas says he is currently,"Growing the Young Informer, finishing up my trading algorithm/ strategy and working on coding the application for the startup." His startup is called the Favesapp. The Favesapp is a social networking application that allows you to connect with people based off of what you love the most.Click here to be notified once Favesapp launches.There is no doubt John Ducas has not hit his peak and plans on doing more extraordinary things in the near future. When asked where he sees himself in 20 years Ducas replied, "Really depends on where life takes me, most likely managing as an activist investor, managing a holding company, or as a tech entrepreneur".

Lastly Ducas was gracious enough to provide ourambitious readers with insight. When asked, what are some tips you would give to people who are just beginning or planning on venturing into finance or entrepreneurship, or some of the more experienced readers who have already been in the business for quite sometime, Ducas said, "Dont be afraid. Biggest and most important tip of all. Theres literally nothing to be afraid about. Just remember if you are afraid, think about the worst case scenario. So if you start your company and sacrifice everything you have, just think that the worst case scenario is that you will lose everything and lose your one chance Just kidding ! Even though that is a possible case, you're still going to have other chances. Just think that if someone else did it, I can do it too". He later went on to say his financial and entrepreneurial experiences have made him,"more aware in what life has to offer. Entrepreneurship has inspired me to be involved with as many projects as possible, and create my own." Later he went on to say the thing that seperates him and has allowed him to see a great deal of success is his ambition and drive to succeed. Ultimately when I asked him the number one characteristic you need in order to be successful, Ducas said, " It just takes one great skill to get you to the top. A lot of good skills are completely trumped from one skill that you are the best at. Talent beats well-roundedness".

Thank you to the ambitious who know no limits for viewing the article. Ducas is a fellow Leader Investment Club peer and very inspiring. I would love to hear what you guys think about Mr. Ducas and the article. If you have any personal questions you can go to my contact page and I will forward them to Ducas.

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