Fixed annuity review and rates

Advantage 5 Advisory

The Advantage 5Advisory is intended to be a long-term product. However, you will have access to a portion of your money each year with penalty-free withdrawals. During the first contract year, you may withdraw up to 10% of your purchase payment. After the first contract year, 10% of the account value on the most recent contract anniversary may be withdrawn. It’s important to note withdrawals in excess of this amount may be subject to early withdrawal charges and a market value adjustment.

Issue ages
0-89 (qualified); 0-89 (non-qualified): 0-75 (inherited IRA); 0-75 (inherited non-qualified)
Issue age is defined as owner’s current age upon contract effective date. For joint owners, the older age will be used as the issue age.

Purchase payment
This product accepts a single purchase payment for non-qualified, 403(b) (Traditional and Roth), Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Inherited IRA, inherited non-qualified and 457 plan funds. 
  • Minimum: $50,000 
  • Maximum: $2 million for ages 0-75, $1.5 million for ages 76-80, $1 million for ages 80+ without prior Home Office approval 
Maximums apply to the total purchase payments made to all annuities from the companies of Great American Life Insurance Company with the same owners or the same annuitants.

Market Value Adjustment (MVA)
A market value adjustment will apply to withdrawals or surrenders during the initial five-year term and any renewal term.

Penalty-free withdrawals
The following amounts may be withdrawn without deduction of an MVA or early withdrawal charge: 
  • First contract year: up to 10% of the purchase payment 
  • Subsequent contract years: up to 10% of the account value as of the most recent contract anniversary 
Income Payout Options
Fixed period
: You receive payments for a fixed period of time that you select.
Life or life with a minimum fixed period: You receive payments for life. If you select a minimum fixed period of time and pass away before the end of the period, the remaining payments are paid to the person you designate.
Joint and one-half survivor: Payments are guaranteed for your life and the life of a designated joint annuitant. If you are survived by the joint annuitant, he or she will receive 50% of the payment for life.

Interest Rates

Guaranteed Years Surrender Years Guaranteed Yield Current Yield
5 5 5.25% 5.25%
5 5 5.5% 5.5%
MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company
Founded: 1851
A.M. Best: A+
S&P: A+
Moody's: Aa3
Carrier details
Free withdrawal
Types of funds
Non-Qualified, IRA, TSA 403b, SEP IRA, IRA-Roth, SIMPLE IRA, 457 plan, Inherited IRA, and NQ Stretch