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Oxford Life Insurance Company (Oxford Life) is focused on supporting the senior market with products that help meet their financial needs, with an emphasis on life insurance and annuities. Oxford Life is a member of AMERCO, a publicly traded financial holding network. AMERCO’s other significant holdings include U-Haul International Inc. and Repwest Insurance Company.

Oxford Life was founded in the Grand Canyon state of Arizona in 1965. In 1997, we expanded our services with the acquisition of a Wisconsin based insurance holding company, Encore Financial. Encore Financial owned the stock of North American Insurance Company (NAI), a company with an outstanding record as a third party administrator of Medicare supplement insurance programs. North American provides premium and claim administration for approximately 60,000 Medicare supplement policyholders located throughout the United States.

In 2000, Oxford Life further expanded its growth and distribution in the Medicare supplement market with the acquisition of Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company (Christian Fidelity). Christian Fidelity is a high quality Medicare supplement and final expense life insurance company with competitive premiums, excellent service and an outstanding sales force. It contains some of the most knowledgeable, dependable and professional producers in the industry. Today, after amassing over 50 years of experience, Christian Fidelity remains committed to providing quality products to the senior market. Individual Medicare supplement products are administered for over 30,000 insured throughout the majority of the United States.

In February 2006, Christian Fidelity continued its growth in the Texas Medicare supplement marketplace with the acquisition of Dallas General Life Insurance Company™. Not only did this allow for more growth within our niche senior market focus, but Dallas General™ is a fitting complement to our family of companies; it contains approximately 7,500 Medicare supplement policyholders and nearly 1,000 producers throughout Texas. Dallas General was merged into Christian Fidelity effective 12/31/12.

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