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Marsha Brook
I've been retired for many years now and uncertain about my financial future. Meeting Annuity Educator was a gift from heaven for which I am so greatful. He took the mystery out of the annuity and made the way clear for the best investment particularly for my situation. He took the time to explain what I needed to know to make the best decision ...and he made the process effortless. I feel secure in the decisions made for my future and for my family thanks to Educator's guidance. Thanks so much!
Armando Corella
I would recommend Annuity Educator with any financially needs but his expertise is annuities. Our previous financial advisors sold me an annuity with little or no advice. He used the explanation of "trust me". My bad! Once I realized the importance of insuring my investments as part of my portfolio I solicited a number of annuity brokers. Annuity Educator was our expert. He came to our house and offered a number of types of annuities fully explaining the choices. Again, I fully recommend Annuity Educator.
Joel Feldman
As we prepared for retirement, we were constantly advised to make sure we diversified our assets. One potential area of investment was an annuity Thank God, we were able to find Annuity Educator. As the AnnuityEducator, he patiently took the time to discuss the differences in type, return of investment, length before receiving funds, and how annuities would meld with our other retirement investments. Then Annuity Educator researched and found the best annuity for our situation. Now, after buying this annuity, in addition to our other investments, we feel confident and secure with oiur retirement future.
Valeri Zverev
After shopping around I found out that the Annuity Educator is an excellent source in case if you looking to open an annuity account. Annuity Educator is a person you have to meet. It so easy to work with him. He makes me feel that I got most voluble and full information on existing annuities on the market. It was not my first experience with annuities and I choose to go with Annuity Educator. I am strongly recommended FAA to all my friends
Wolfe Media
I was in their office recently waiting for a meeting and just happened to be there when another husband and wife arrived for their own appointment. WOW - talk about happy customers! I got an unexpected opportunity to hear from a long term client how much they liked the service and knowledge they had received from working with Annuity Educator.
Chuck Bowman
Annuity Educator has been a great help in providing the information that I needed to evaluate my retirement plans, and following the review to obtain the annuity product that best fit our family's needs; and further, becoming a friend in the process. He survived my intense review, maintaining a professional yet friendly attitude, and I highly recommend working with him!

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