Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company

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The Company was organized in 1948 by a group of Utah funeral directors for the purpose of providing the public with an insurance product designed to help pay funeral costs at the time of need. Some of the original founders still serve the Company as members of the Board of Directors.

The Company began its operations as Sentinel Mutual Insurance Company. In 1954, the Articles of Incorporation were amended to change the Company to a capital stock insurer and the name was changed to Sentinel Insurance Company. In 1957, the Articles of Incorporation were again amended to change the company's name to its present status as Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company.

In 1962, we acquired Uinta National Insurance Company of Utah and United Reserve Life Company of Montana. In 1965, we acquired National Mutual Insurance Company of Utah.

The Company's goal throughout its history has been to provide the best possible insurance products and services to our policyholders. We take great pride in our prompt service and pay many claims the same day they are received. We have a dedicated staff of employees with an average tenure with the Company of over 19 years. Our top 10 sales producers have an average tenure of over 11 years.

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Company Contacts

Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company

PO Box 27248

Salt Lake City, UT 84127

Phone: (800)247-1423


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