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Premium Type
Single Premium with Additional
Max age Qualified
Minimum Contribution
Maximum Contribution
Market value adjustment
Return of premium
Free withdrawal
1st year: -100%
2nd+ year: 10%
Launch date
Types of funds
Non-Qualified, IRA, Spousal IRA, IRA Rollover, IRA Transfer, SEP IRA, IRA-Roth, SIMPLE IRA, 1035 Exchange, Stretch IRA, Inherited IRA, and TSP
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A Single Premium Deferred Annuity featuring a one-year annual reset interest rate. Allows multiple premiums in the first year only. A Base Contract and the availability of two options provide a choice of four contract variations. Client can choose either or both options.

Minimum/Maximum Premium
  • Minimum $10,000 NQ/Q 
  • Maximum $2 Million
You can make additional premium payments anytime during the first contract year. 

Free Withdrawals
  • ChoiceFour (Base Contract) and ChoiceFour (MVA) - Prior 12 months interest
  • ChoiceFour (Liquidity) and ChoiceFour (Liquidy + MVA) - Interest-only on 1st contract year By Current Company Practice, 10% of Account Value years 2+
Death Benefit:
Upon the death of Owner, Accumulation Value. 

Annuitization Benefit
On the Income Date, the Accumulation Value is applied to the payment option elected. The Income Date is the first contract anniversary after the Annuitant’s 100th birthday. By current company practice, the Accumulation Value is available for annuitization after the fifth year if a minimum payout of 5 years or life is elected.

If the IRA owner dies on or after 1/1/20, the new SECURE Act rules apply.
Applicable beneficiaries now fall under two categories: Eligible and Ineligible Designated Beneficiaries.
Stretch IRA is available only to Eligible Designated Beneficiaries.
Inherited IRA is available to Ineligible Designated Beneficiaries – withdrawal or taxation of funds by 12/31 of the 10th year following the IRA owner’s death now applies to Ineligible Designated Beneficiaries.
TSP funds have to be rolled over or transferred into an IRA.

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Traditional Fixed Annuity Interest Rates

Surrender Years First Year Yield Term Guaranteed Yield Term Current Yield
6 4.5% 3.25% 4.5%


No Riders for ChoiceFour Liquidity annuity.



Upon death of first Owner, accumulation value. Surrender charges and MVA are waived.

Nursing Home

Unavailable in states: MA

Available through issue age 80. 90 day elimination period after the first policy anniversary. Surrender charges and MVA are waived. The nursing home waiver does not include home health care.

Terminal Illness

Available for all applicant ages. There is no charge for this rider. No surrender charge on up to 75% of the Accumulation Value in the event of a terminal illness.


Available after the fifth year if a minimum payout of 5 years or life is elected.

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