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American Pathway Advisory offers protected growth, along with enhanced flexibility and convenience. You'll be able to lock in growth for three, five or seven years, and at the end of each guarantee period, you'll have the option to renew or change your term without having to fill out a new application or purchase a new contract. Additionally, American Pathway Advisory has no withdrawal charges, so you have full access to your money, should your needs or circumstances change.

Issue Ages
  • 3-Year and 5-Year: Maximum issue age 90 
  • 7-Year: Maximum issue age 88 
  • Minimum owner issue age is 18, or if earlier, the age of majority as defined by law in state of issue. If contract is jointly owned, issue age restrictions apply to both owners. 
Maximum Annuity Age
When income must begin: 
  • Nonqualified annuities: By age 95, otherwise the contract must be surrendered. 
  • Tax-qualified annuities: Generally by April 1 of the year after the annuitant reaches age 73 unless RMD requirements are being satisfied elsewhere. Income can be taken by annuitization of the contract or by partial withdrawals. However, the contract must be annuitized or surrendered no later than age 95. 
Market Value Adjustment (MVA)
A market value adjustment applies during the three-, five- and seven-year interest guarantee rate periods. The one-year interest guarantee period does not have an MVA. The MVA is an adjustment that can either increase or decrease the withdrawal amount depending on the current interest rate environment. When interest rates at the time of withdrawal are higher than the level at the beginning of the MVA term, the MVA will result in a decrease. If interest rates are down, the MVA will increase the withdrawal amount. Should a MVA decrease apply, the adjusted amount will not result in your receiving less than the minimum withdrawal value as defined in your contract. MVA does not apply to withdrawals representing penalty-free withdrawal amounts, RMDs, annuitization or death benefit. An external index referenced in your contract is used to measure rates.

MVA-free withdrawal privilege
You may take multiple penalty-free withdrawals (without MVA) each year not exceeding 10% of the previous anniversary contract value (premium amount if withdrawn during the first contract year). Also, there is a 60-day renewal period at the end of each interest rate guaranteed period during which no market value adjustment will be imposed on a full or partial withdrawal. After the 60-day window expires, MVA will resume for any withdrawal in excess of MVA-free amounts through the remainder of the guaranteed rate term. Additionally, RMDs which are based solely on this contract may be taken at any time after contract issue without charges or MVA.

Pre-59½ withdrwals
Taxable withdrawals prior to age 59½ may be subject to a 10% federal early withdrawal tax penalty. The penalty may be waived for death, total disability (as defined by the IRS), or if the payment is made as part of a series of substantially equal payments for the life expectancy of the owner (except tax-qualified annuities where the entire amount withdrawn may be subject to a 10% federal early withdrawal tax penalty). 

Traditional Fixed Annuity Interest Rates

Surrender Years First Year Yield Term Guaranteed Yield Term Current Yield
0 3.75% 3.75% 3.75%

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