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The GCU One Plus Four Choice Deferred Annuity is a five-year investment product with a special feature: you may choose to surrender the contract during a 30-day window that begins on the first contract anniversary with no surrender charges. This makes it a great alternative to a one-year CD. This product can be issued at any age up to 121, and may be used for qualified (tax favored status) plans.

Premium Notes
Minimum Initial Deposit: $300
Maximum Deposit: $200,000
Additional Deposits are permitted
Additional Deposits
Currently, the maximum dollar amount of deposits into a new One Plus Four contract is $200,000 per person, per calendar year. This maximum applies per person regardless of the number of contracts in force. You MAY seek approval from the Home Office for deposits in excess of the current limits. 
  • One Plus Four contracts that have continued into the remaining four years are currently permitted to add additional deposits up to $200,000 per calendar year. 
  • Conversions of an existing One Plus Four to a new One Plus Four (during the 30 day window beginning on the first contract anniversary) will be able to convert the entire amount of the old contract into the new one. Additional deposits are subject to current first year maximums.
Withdrawal provisions
  • Year One = 10% of the initial deposit. 
  • Years Two thru Five = 10% in each year based on the account value at the end of the previous contract year. Withdrawals exceeding the permitted amounts will be subject to a surrender charge. 
Upon the first contract anniversary, and for 30 days thereafter, you have the option of:
  • Continuing the contract for the remaining four years. The rate for each subsequent year will be based on the Flex 5 Advantage New Issue Crediting Rate at each anniversary of your contract, and guaranteed at that level for the contract year. During the 30 day window, you may withdraw any portion of your proceeds without a surrender charge.
  • Surrendering the contract during the 30 day window, and converting to a new One Plus Four. The initial crediting rate for the new contract will be the current crediting rate in the month of the conversion. The entire proceeds of the existing contract may be converted into the new contract without creating a taxable event.
  • Surrendering the contract completely without incurring a surrender charge. (Again, this will create a taxable event and potential penalties.)

Traditional Fixed Annuity Interest Rates

Surrender Years First Year Yield Term Guaranteed Yield Term Current Yield
5 3.1% 1.42% 3.1%

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