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RetireMax Secure 5 is a fixed single premium deferred annuity that offers a guaranteed fixed interest rate for the first 5 years. 

The Minimum Premium amount is $100,000. 
The Maximum Premium amount depends on age at issue: 
  • Age 0-70: $2,000,000 
  • Age 71-75: $1,500,000 
  • Age 76-80: $1,000,000 
  • Age 81-85: $500,000

Access to Value
You may make a full or partial withdrawal, you may qualify for a loan if you purchased the annuity within an employer’s retirement plan, or you may request that your annuity be converted to periodic income. These benefits will be based on either the Accumulation Value or the Cash Value of your annuity. The Accumulation Value of your annuity equals your premium, plus credited interest, minus any partial withdrawals taken and Withdrawal Charges assessed. The Cash Value of your annuity is equal to the Accumulation Value less applicable Withdrawal Charges.
When you take money from your annuity in the first five years, you may incur a Withdrawal Charge. The amount of the charge depends on how long you’ve had the annuity and how much you withdraw. Withdrawals in the first Policy Year are subject to a Withdrawal Charge. After the first Policy Year, you may withdraw in any one year up to 10% of the Accumulation Value without incurring a Withdrawal Charge.

Income Payments
You can ask to convert your annuity to a periodic income (a series of payments) at any time. If you do so prior to the end of the third Policy Year, we will calculate the income using the Cash Value. If you do so after the third Policy Year, we will calculate the income using the Accumulation Value. You may choose how long income payments are to be made. Your current choices are: 
  • Designated period of time: Guarantees income for the designated period, available for periods of five to 25 years. 
  • Life: Guarantees income for as long as you live. 
  • Life income with a period certain: Guarantees income for as long as you live or for a chosen period certain, whichever is longer. If you die within the period certain, the income continues to your beneficiary for the remainder of the period certain. Periods certain are 10 years or 20 years. 
  • Joint and survivor life: Guarantees income for as long as you or your designated joint annuitant live. 
If you purchase RetireMax Secure 5 as a 403(b) or 457(b) and your employer’s plan permits loans, you may request a personal loan, while pledging your annuity as collateral. Although no administrative fees are deducted, loans are subject to IRS rules, guidelines and limitations, and any limitations in applicable plan documents. You will be provided with a repayment schedule.

Death Benefit
With the RetireMax Secure 5, your named beneficiaries can avoid the expense, delay, and publicity of probate. If you die before we start to pay you periodic income under the Payment Options of your annuity, your beneficiary can choose to receive the death benefit as one payment or as a series of payments over time. The death benefit is the Accumulation Value. If your death occurs after periodic income payments have begun, any payments which remain to be paid under your payment option selection will be paid to your beneficiary. 

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5 years 5%

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