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The MassMutual Stable Voyage is a single premium deferred annuity. Stable Voyage provides a guaranteed interest rate on the money that stays in your contract. The accumulation phase begins as soon as your purchase payment is applied to the annuity contract. Stable Voyage is a single premium annuity, so you cannot make multiple purchase payments into the contract.

Issue Age
(Owner only; no minimum for annuitant) 
  • Minimum: Age 18 or age of majority
  • Maximum: Age 85
Funding the annuity contract
You can fund a Stable Voyage annuity contract by using a portion of your savings, or by rolling over assets from an individual retirement account (IRA) and/or an employer-sponsored plan, such as a 401(k). The minimum purchase payment is $10,000.

Window Period
(Last 30 calendar days of an existing guarantee period) 
As each guarantee period approaches its end, there is a 30-calendar-day window period. During this time you must decide whether to: 
  • Renew into a new guarantee period. Surrender charge period restarts, unless a one-year renewal is selected. 
  • Take a partial or full withdrawal (no surrender charge). 
  • Fully or partially annuitize the contract value (no surrender charge).
Free Withdrawal Provisions
The free withdrawal amount is calculated as follows: 
  • First contract year: Up to 10% of the contract value as determined at the time we process the first withdrawal request. 
  • Contract years two and later: Up to 10% of the contract value, calculated as of the last business day of the previous contract year. 
  • Required minimum distributions (RMD): For an IRA or a qualified plan, qualifying RMD amounts that exceed the free withdrawal amount are not subject to surrender charges. 
  • Unused free withdrawal amounts cannot be accumulated from year to year 
Partial Withdrawals
Minimum: $250; a minimum contract value of $7,500 is required after partial withdrawals.

Systematic Withdrawal Program
Available elections include the maximum surrender charge-free withdrawal, a specific dollar amount, a specific percentage of contract value or the current year’s interest earned.

Annuity Options
  • Annuity payment options range from income for life to payments for a specific period. 
  • Annuity payouts may begin at any time after the start of the sixth contract year (available beginning in the 13th month in FL and NY). 
Death Benefit
  • Accumulation phase: Death benefit is equal to the contract value as of the date we receive both proof of death and the beneficiary’s election of a payment method. 
  • Income phase: Death benefit is determined by the annuity option chosen. 

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
3 years 4.8%
4 years 4.7%
5 years 4.8%

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