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Free Withdrawal
10% of the account value each year, starting in year two (10% is not cumulative, if not used within the anniversary)

Issue Age
  • 0 through 89 (non-qualified and qualified assets)
The issue age is 89 +364 days

Withdrawals in excess of the Free 10% may be subject to an MVA
  • RMD Friendly
  • Account Value Death Benefit
20 Day Free Look Period to Cancel Your Contract
You may cancel the contract by sending it back to the issuing company. Upon cancellation, the company will return the purchase payment to you. Some states allow for 30 days free look.

Market Value Adjustment (MVA)
The MVA is a positive or negative adjustment based on the current interest rate environment at the time of withdrawal. An MVA and a surrender charge will apply if you access more than the 10% free withdrawal before the end of the initial interest rate guarantee period. The MVA does not apply to withdrawals after the surrender charge period, 10% free withdrawals, the death benefit, or when the contract is annuitized.

Settlement Option
Life only; life with 10-year period certain; Joint and last survivor.
Surrender charges may also be waived for some Required Minimum Withdrawals (RMD)

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
2 years 4.8%
3 years 4.8%
4 years 4.85%
5 years 4.9%
6 years 4.95%
7 years 4.7%
10 years 4.85%

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