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The Multi-Select Series is a single premium deferred annuity with a market value adjustment. 
You can start an Oxford Life Multi-Select annuity with as little as $20,000 for qualified and non-qualified accounts. Premium amounts are allowed up to $1,000,000 for issue ages 18-75 and $750,000 for issue ages 76-80, and $500,000 for issue ages 81-85.

Guarantee Period and Renewal
When you buy an Oxford Life Multi-Select annuity, your policy earns interest at a fixed interest rate that will not change during a guarantee period. At the time of application, you can choose the length of your guarantee period from the options we offer at that time. After the first guarantee period, you will have a 30-day window during which you can withdraw some or all of your funds from the policy without a Surrender Charge or a Market Value Adjustment. If you do not surrender the policy during the 30-day election period, a second guarantee period will automatically begin at the end of the first guarantee period.

Death Benefit
The death benefit is equal to the greater of the Accumulation Value or the Guaranteed Minimum Value as of the date of death. If the policy has joint owners, the death benefit is payable after the first death of an owner.

Withdrawals and Surrender
Each Withdrawal must be at least $600 ($100 for automatic interest withdrawals). The Accumulation Value remaining after any Withdrawal must be at least $2,000. Withdrawals taken and any Surrender during any multi-year guarantee period are subject to Surrender Charges and Market Value Adjustments.

Free Withdrawal Amount
During the first Policy Year, the Free Withdrawal Amount (the amount you may withdraw without incurring a Surrender Charge or a Market Value Adjustment) is the interest as earned if taken as automatic interest withdrawals. After the first Policy Year, the Free Withdrawal Amount for a Withdrawal is 10% of the Accumulation Value as of the end of the prior Policy Year. The Free Withdrawal Amount for Surrender is 10% of the Accumulation Value at the time of Surrender less any penalty-free Withdrawals since the last Policy Anniversary. Only 2 free withdrawals are allowed each Policy Year, even if the total amount of prior withdrawals is less than the Free Withdrawal Amount. Policy Year means the 12 month period beginning on the policy effective date and on the same month and day of each subsequent year.

Surrender Charges
Surrender Charges are equal to the Surrender Charge percentage times the excess of the Withdrawal or Surrender over the remaining available Free Withdrawal Amount. If the policy continues for a second guarantee period, the surrender charge schedule will also restart. 

Market Value Adjustments
If you take a withdrawal or surrender your policy, we may decrease or increase the amount you receive based on changes in the U.S. Treasury Constant Maturity Rate published by the Federal Reserve with a time to maturity that matches the guarantee period (or an estimate between the two closest published U.S. Treasury Constant Maturity Rates). Generally, the Market Value Adjustment will increase the amount you receive if interest rates fall after you buy your annuity and decrease the amount you receive if interest rates rise. We will only apply a Market Value Adjustment when a Surrender Charge applies.

Note: We take Inherited/Beneficiary IRAs as a transfer.

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
3 years 4.75%
4 years 5.3%
5 years 5.3%
6 years 5.6%
7 years 5.5%
8 years 5.35%
9 years 5.2%
10 years 5.25%


Name Inbuilt Fee
Multi-Select MYGA GLWB Rider No 0.50% annually

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