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Symetra Select 5

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Symetra Select 5 - Fixed Deferred Annuity with optional guaranteed return of purchase payment.

Benefits for your beneficiaries 
  • You have a built-in death benefit. 
    Upon your death, we’ll pay the entire contract value to the beneficiary named in the contract. 
  • Your spouse can continue the contract. 
    As the primary beneficiary, your spouse may assume all rights of your original contract and name new beneficiaries.
Minimum purchase payment 
  • $25,000 
  • You can add purchase payments of $1,000 or more throughout the first year of your contract. Payments are accepted in a lump sum or monthly payments up to $1mil without home office approval.
Purchase ages 
  • 0–85 
  • 0–90 (if guaranteed return of purchase payment is selected) 
Annual free withdrawals
You can withdraw up to 10% of your contract value each contract year free of surrender charges.

Convert to an income stream
Anytime after the first contract year and before your 101st birthday, you may convert to an income stream by electing to receive annuity payments during the income phase. (Upon your 101st birthday, you must choose to receive a lump sum or start the income phase.) You may apply all or a portion of your contract value to purchase one of our annuity payment options. You may choose to receive annuity payments for a specific number of months or years, or for your life or the joint lives of you and another person. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually. 
Annuity payments can have several advantages: 
  • Stability and certainty
    You can rely on regular, guaranteed payments for periods ranging from five years to a lifetime. 
  • Inflation protection
    You can choose to have your payments increase by specific amounts each year to help offset the impact of anticipated inflation. These increase amounts can range from 0.10% to 6.5% annually, subject to limitations for annuity payments taken to satisfy required minimum distributions. 
  • Tax advantages
    For nonqualified contracts, a portion of each annuity payment is a non-taxable return of your purchase payment for federal income tax purposes. 
  • Flexibility
    You may have all or only a portion of your contract value applied to the purchase of annuity payments. 

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
5 years 2.75%

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