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Symetra Select Pro with ROP

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Symetra Select Pro is a modified single-premium fixed deferred annuity. Select Pro Fixed Deferred Annuity can help serve as a foundation of stability for your retirement portfolio by providing both accumulation and lifetime income options, and also providing for loved ones. Features include: 
  • The reliability of an interest rate with no exposure to market risk. 
  • The ability to accumulate more through tax-deferred and compounding interest. 
  • The ability to access a portion or, in certain cases, all of the money in your contract without withdrawal charges. 
Minimum purchase payment 
  • $10,000 
  • You can add purchase payments of $1,000 or more throughout the first year of your contract. Payments are accepted in a lump sum or monthly payments up to $1mil without home office approval.
Free annual withdrawals
Withdrawals of up to 15% of the contract value per contract year are free of withdrawal charges.

Death benefit
When you purchase your annuity, you’ll also name primary and contingent beneficiaries for your contract. Upon your death, your beneficiaries will receive the greater of: 
  • The contract value (which does not reflect any current withdrawal charges); or 
  • The guaranteed minimum value. 
Additional guarantees for more control
You also have the option to select a guaranteed return of purchase payment (GROPP), which ensures you will never receive less than what you contributed to your annuity, minus any prior withdrawals. 

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
3 years 3.55%
5 years 3.85%
7 years 3.85%

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