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Multi-Choice Annuity (7-Year) with 10% Withdrawal Provision and GOP

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The Multi-Choice Annuity offers features to optimize your growth potential. It’s a good fit if you’re a long-term saver who likes the benefits of tax-deferred growth and protection as part of your retirement strategy. Few taxable investments provide this blend of safety, growth, and flexibility.

Issue Age Maximum issue age may vary by distributor
Issue to age 90

$15,000 – $1,000,000 
Greater amounts may be possible if pre-approved before you submit an application. You may add an additional premium in the first 90 days.

Time to Reflect on the Purchase
You may cancel and return your contract within 30 days after it is delivered to you. We will refund your premium after a cancellation, minus any withdrawals you’ve taken.

Required Minimum Distributions
You can schedule IRS required minimum distributions for tax-qualified plans without a surrender charge.

Market Value Adjustment
A market value adjustment applies to withdrawals or surrenders that are subject to a surrender charge. We base the adjustment on a formula that takes into account changes in the MVA Index at that time. We will waive the MVA when the surrender charge is waived. The MVA can increase or decrease the surrender value of the annuity. Generally, if interest rates have risen since the beginning of the current surrender-charge period, the MVA will decrease the surrender value. If interest rates have fallen, the MVA will generally increase the surrender value.

Death Benefits
Death benefit payments are available without a surrender charge.

You may convert your deferred annuity to a payment stream with The Standard at any time without a surrender charge. You must choose either a lifetime payment option or a certain period of at least five years.

Choice of Withdrawal Options
The unique feature of the Multi-Choice Annuity allows you to select an optional withdrawal provision that best meets your financial needs.
  1. No optional withdrawal provision 
  2. Interest-only withdrawal after 30 days 
  3. 10% annual withdrawal provision applies after the first contract year.
  4. 10% annual withdrawals and Guarantee of Principal (GOP) applies after the first contract year.
    After the first year, you can withdraw up to 10% of the annuity fund value per year without a surrender charge. With the Guarantee of Principal, after day one, your payout will never be less than the total premium paid. 
Income Options 
  • Life income
  • Life income with a certain period 
  • Joint and survivor life income 
  • Joint and survivor life income with a certain period
  • Joint and contingent survivor life income 
  • Certain period
  • Lump-sum Other options may be available.
Plan Type
Inherited IRAs for spouses only
Note: TSP funds have to be rolled into an IRA.

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
7 years 4.75%

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