Choice 10 of Choice Series by American Equity

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Choice Series product line provides flexibility with 6, 8 or 10 year surrender schedule options, and offers competitive rates with five interest crediting methods. Most popular is Choice10 as it offers most competitive participation rates and caps. There are monthly point to point and annual point to point crediting methods. There is an optional waiver of surrender charges Upon Nursing Home or Hospital Confinement and for diagnosed with terminal illness, availability varies by state.


  • Low contract minimum of $10, 000
  • Lower surrender charges than usual
  • No surrender charges at death
  • No market value adjustment (MVA) fees
  • You can make additional premium payments of any value at any frequency, additional payments will be immediately credited to the fixed value.
  • 2 Optional Lifetime Income Benefit Riders available
  • Add WellBeing benefit for only additional 0.1%
  • Guaranteed minimum interest rate of at least 1% annually
  • Confinement and terminal illness waiver for clients under 75 at issue
  • Option of fixed interest rate is available.
  • Systematic withdrawal of interest from fixed interest account is permitted as quickly as 30 days after the contract is issued.


  • Caps and participation rates are subject to change by the end of each term period.
  • With nursing home or hospital confinement waiver the surrender charges are waved on 100% of the principle withdrawal only after the end of 3d year of the contract, during the 2d and 3d year only withdrawal of 20% of is penalty-free.
  • Terminal illness waiver of surrender charges is in effect only after the end of the first contract year
  • Lifetime Income Benefit Riders have and annual rider fees of 0.9%-1%
  • You may be subject to a 10% federal penalty if you surrender this annuity before the age of 59½

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