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Safeguard Plus (10-Year)

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There’s no better time than today to be planning for a more confident tomorrow. Yet both the marketplace and life are filled with uncertainty. With so many options available for protecting your assets and maximizing your savings, it can be difficult to decipher which strategies meet your needs. Our signature Farmers Safeguard Plus multi-year guaranteed annuities (MYGAs) may be right for you if you’re looking for:
  • A straightforward way to safely grow your savings on a tax-deferred basis
  • A guaranteed fixed rate of interest over a pre-determined period of time
  • Protection from market risk
  • Options for accessing a portion of your funds should you require them to satisfy requirement minimum distributions (RMDs) or other financial obligations
  • Full access to your account for unexpected health care costs, namely qualifying nursing home care, or in the event of terminal illness
  • The option of turning your annuity into guaranteed payments for life
  • The ability to provide a legacy for loved ones through a death benefit. Designed for real people and real life, these simple-to-understand annuities can help achieve your unique financial goals while making it easier for you to adapt as your needs change and your life evolves.  
Penalty free withdrawals 
You may withdraw the accumulated interest earned in any year without any withdrawal or Surrender Charges or Market Value Adjustment (MVA) being applied. Withdrawals must be a minimum of $100. On each policy anniversary, accumulated interest is reset to zero. 

Penalty free withdrawal window
At the end of your guarantee period, you will have a 30-day penalty-free window in which to take a partial or total withdrawal of your principal and earned interest without being subject to a surrender charge or MVA 

After the contract has been in force for thirty (30) days, you may withdraw a portion of your policy value by making a partial surrender. All partial surrenders (including required minimum distributions from qualified retirement accounts) will be reduced by any applicable surrender charges and MVA. The amount of a partial surrender must be at least one hundred dollars ($100). The remaining Accumulated Value after any partial surrender must be at least two thousand dollars ($2,000). A 10% IRS penalty may apply to all amounts withdrawn before the owner reaches age 59½.

Market Value Adjustment (MVA)
An MVA will apply to any full surrender or partial withdrawal that exceeds the maximum penalty-free withdrawal during the guarantee period. Depending on the direction interest rates move, the MVA may increase or decrease benefits available under the contract. The MVA does not apply to the death benefit or the guaranteed surrender value.

Death Benefit 
If you are the sole owner of your annuity, in the unfortunate event you pass away during your contract term, your beneficiary(ies) will be paid a death benefit equal to the Accumulation Value of your Farmers Safeguard Plus MYGA (your initial premium plus interest credited less any deductions for prior partial surrenders of your annuity). No surrender charges or MVA will be assessed, and your beneficiary does not need to wait until the end of the contract term to access to the money. A beneficiary may choose to receive the death benefit in either a lump sum or any of the available annuitization options.

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
10 years 5.5%


Name Inbuilt Fee
5% Free Withdrawal Rider No 0.10% rate reduction
Enhanced Benefit Rider No 0.10% rate reduction

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