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he Nationwide Secure Growth is a Single Premium Deferred Annuity with an optional market value adjustment.

Minimum investments
The minimum contract amount is $10,000.
Maximum issue age
  •  There is no maximum issue age for the contract owner; the maximum annuitant issue age is 90.
Plan types
  • Non-Qualified, IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, 401(a), and Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT).
CDSC-free withdrawals
  • 10% of the contract value will be available immediately, renews each contract year (noncumulative)
  • Required minimum distribution (RMD) amounts are not subject to CDSC
  • Death benefit distributions are not subject to CDSC
  • Annuitization distributions are not subject to CDSC
Market Value Adjustment
Any amount withdrawn in excess of the remaining free withdrawal amount is subject to a CDSC and MVA, if applicable. The MVA is an adjustment that may be applied if you make a partial withdrawal or fully surrender your contract before the end of the CDSC period. The MVA may be positive, negative or zero. If the MVA is negative, it could decrease the amount that you receive when you take a withdrawal or surrender. Conversely, if the MVA is positive, it could increase the amount you receive.

Return of Purchase Payment Rider
Electing this optional rider guarantees the return of principal, minus previous withdrawals and applicable state premium taxes, when the entire contract value is surrendered during the CDSC period. The CDSC will be deducted from the interest earned, not principal. There is no fee for the rider, but the interest rate may be lower. The Return of Purchase Payment option is not available if a market value adjustment is elected.

Death benefit
Your death benefit will be the current contract value at the time of the annuitant’s death. The value is determined by adding all interest earned to your purchase payment minus any previous withdrawals. 

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
5 years 4.05%
7 years 3.65%

Traditional Fixed Annuity Interest Rates

Surrender Years First Year Yield Term Guaranteed Yield Term Current Yield
5 3.6% 3.12% 3.6%


Name Inbuilt Fee
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