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A Guaranteed Foundation Fixed Annuity is a tool that helps you grow and manage your retirement savings — so you can continue living life with confidence. Because having less to worry about in retirement makes it that much more enjoyable.

  • Issue Ages: 0-85 (based on nearest age at issue)
  • Payment Type: Single payment only
  • Minimum Initial Payment: $10,000
  • Maximum Payment: $5M cumulative limit across all annuity contracts 
Available Markets
  • Non-Qualified
  • Spousal and Non-Spousal Non-Qualified Stretch Annuity
  • Spousal and Non-Spousal Stretch IRA
  • IRA Rollovers
  • IRA Transfers
  • Roth IRA
Inherited/Beneficiary IRA - spousal only.
We take TSP as a rollover to IRA.

Product Charges
  • Calculated as a percent of contract value, minus any free withdrawal
  • In the 30 day period prior the end of the guarantee period, the owner may take withdrawals (full and partial) free of surrender charges.
  • One-year renewal guarantee period is available without surrender charges in FL only if issued 65 or older.
Annual Free Withdrawal
  • Free withdrawal up to 10% of contract value (as of the latest contract anniversary) without surrender charge (available starting the second contract year)
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: Lesser of $500, required minimum distributions (RMD) and annual free withdrawal amount, if available
Partial withdrawal
  • Minimum withdrawal is the lesser of $500, RMD, and free withdrawal, if available
Systematic withdrawal
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-annually
  • Annually (minimum withdrawal $50)
  • May be elected if there is still free withdrawal available in the contract year
Death Benefit
Standard death benefit is equal to the contract value and is payable upon death of the annuitant or owner.

Death Benefit Options
  • Lump sum
  • Annuitization
  • 5-year deferral for non-designated beneficiaries
  • Non-Qualified Stretch
  • Surviving owner will be considered primary beneficiary before any other named beneficiaries on the contract
  • The spouse (defined by federal law), as primary beneficiary may continue the contract or use the death benefit to purchase a new contract.
Annuity Options: Life; Life with Period Certain; Joint and Survivor Life; Certain Only. Partial Annuitization: may annuitize at least $5,000 and up to 50% of contract value after 3rd contract year.

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
1 years 3.6%
3 years 4.1%
4 years 4.1%
5 years 4.4%
6 years 4.4%
7 years 4.4%
8 years 4.45%
9 years 4.45%
10 years 4.45%

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