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The Protective Smart Saver fixed annuity is a limited flexible premium deferred fixed annuity. Limited flexible premium means that you may — but are not required to — contribute additional premiums, but only during the first contract year. And, with the power of tax deferral, your annuity earns interest that isn't taxed until you make a withdrawal. This allows interest earned on your contributions to also earn interest, compounding your earnings every year!
The Protective Smart Saver Fixed Annuity can help build your retirement income through a stream of income payments guaranteed to last as long as you live. The Smart Saver annuity provides you with: 
  • Optional pre-determined death benefit distribution 
  • Tax-deferred and compounded growth 
  • Guarantee of principal
  • Access to cash when you need it 
Premium Amount 
  • Minimum: $25,000 
  • Minimum Additional: $50 
  • Maximum: $1 million 
Penalty-Free Withdrawals
During the first contract year, the free withdrawal amount is equal to 10% of the Initial Purchase Payment. In subsequent years it is equal to 10% of the Contract Value on Contract Anniversary. Non-cumulative.

Return of Purchase Payment
Upon full surrender and before starting annuity income payments, 100% of your purchase payments will be returned to the contract owner (less any prior withdrawals or investment taxes, if applicable). 

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
4 years 3.75%
5 years 4.4%
6 years 3.95%
7 years 4.5%

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