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Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity (MYGA) is a single premium deferred annuity, fixed account, with market value adjustment. MYGA provides you with two guaranteed interest rate periods, each of the same length – 3, 5, or 10 years. After the second guaranteed interest rate period, the MYGA will not credit interest below the minimum guaranteed interest rate. With the two guaranteed interest rate periods and the minimum guaranteed interest rate, you will be accumulating retirement savings with the comfort in knowing your nest egg will always grow. There is a potential to receive higher interest rates due to the Market Value Adjustment (MVA). The MVA may decrease the value of the annuity if rates decrease, but will not go below our minimum guaranteed rate. 

Issue Ages:
  • Owner and Annuitant: 18-85, age last birthday (non-qualified, traditional, and ROTH).
  • Owner and Annuitant: 21-85, age last birthday (SEP).
Minimum Premium: $10,000
Maximum Premium: Accept up to $500,000 within a one-year period without prior company approval. Amounts over $500,000 require company approval.  Maximum premium is $1,000,000.

Market Value Adjustment:
The Market Value Adjustment (MVA) is the amount by which the Account Value is adjusted for surrenders or Partial Withdrawals. The MVA will apply to any surrender or Partial Withdrawal during the Guaranteed Credited Interest Rate Periods. The MVA will not apply to any free Partial Withdrawal, the death benefit, during the 30-day window before the Second Guaranteed Credited Interest Rate Period, or after the Second Guaranteed Credited Interest Rate Period.

Partial Withdrawal:
If any Partial Withdrawal reduces the Account Value below the minimum premium, the company reserves the right to pay the full surrender value and terminate the Certificate.
Surrender Charges and MVA will not apply to Partial Withdrawals of interest credited.
Each Partial Withdrawal is characterized first as a withdrawal of interest earnings and second as a withdrawal of premiums paid.

Withdrawal of Interest Earnings:
The interest earned may be withdrawn without Surrender Charges or MVA if withdrawn at any time in the contract. Each withdrawal is characterized first as a withdrawal of interest earnings and second as a withdrawal of premiums paid.

Cash Surrender Value
The Owner may surrender for Cash Surrender Value at any time on or before the Maturity Date.  Cash Surrender Value on any day is the Cash Value on the date calculation, less any indebtedness. Cash Value is equal to the greater of (a) the Account Value, less any Surrender Charge, increased or decreased by any MVA or (b) the Guaranteed Minimum Value.

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
3 years 4.65%
5 years 4.55%
9 years 3.15%
10 years 4.5%

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