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Nex Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity

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Nex MYGA is a single premium deferred annuity (fixed annuity) policy with multi-year interest rate guarantee period options. Interest Rate Guaranteed interest rate over the initial guarantee period that corresponds with the guarantee period owner selects.

Market Value Adjustment
Under the terms of the policy, Ohio State Life adjusts the cash surrender value, death benefit, and/or withdrawal amounts during any guarantee period by a factor called the Market Value Adjustment (MVA). The MVA is based on the Constant Maturity Treasury Rate (CMT) appropriate for the guarantee period as shown on the policy schedule.

Annuitization Payment Options Available:
  • Payments for Fixed Period of Time Option 
  • Life Income Option
  • Life Income plus Fixed Period Option
  • Payments of Fixed Amounts Option 
  • Joint Life Income Option 
  • Other Payments Option
Death Benefit:
Cash Surrender Value unless Death Benefit Rider is Elected 30bps.

Principal Guarantee
Initial principal and interest guaranteed at maturity, until then you pay fees

Applications for annuitants ages 75 or older or for policies more than $250,000 may be referred for enhanced underwriting and suitability review and/or home office approval.

Note: Ohio State Life accepts TSP as a rollover

MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
3 years 5.75%
5 years 5.75%
7 years 5%
10 years 5%


Name Inbuilt Fee
Nursing Home Rider - Waiver of Withdrawal Charge (15 bps) No 0.15% rate reduction
10% Free Partial Withdrawal (15 bps) No 0.15% rate reduction
Death Benefit (30 bps) No 0.30% rate reduction

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