Safe Income Plus 10 by Fidelity and Guaranty with Enhanced Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (EGMWB) rider

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Safe Income Plus 10 is a fixed indexed annuity with a 10-year surrender period, available to single persons and couples age 0 to 80. It focuses on providing maximum lifetime income benefits, and the EGMWB rider guarantees even higher stream of income. The flexibility of income benefits allows you to start income withdrawals as soon as one year after contract issue, however lifetime income amount is significantly higher if income payments are deferred for 10 or more years. Investment strategies include four index based and one fixed interest option. The withdrawal benefits depend on the age of the annuitant and how long the payments are deferred. The annual lifetime income payments of Safe Income Plus 10 annuity with Enhanced Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit rider income varies from 5.6% for a 60 year old with payments deferred for 1 year to 15.6% for a 75 year old who starts to receive payments in 10 years. There is a vesting bonus of 7% of premium applied to the income base in the first year of the contract. The earned bonus plus any interest earned on that amount is then vested over a period of ten years, with 10% vested for each year income payments are deferred. If you defer income payments for 10 years, account is credited all 100% of the bonus and interest earned on the bonus amount annually.


  • Flexible, guaranteed lifetime income withdrawals with extremely competitive payout tables
  • Withdrawal Payments are available monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually and can be stopped and resumed again
  • Before the income payments start, during years 6 through 10 of the contract, the client may elect to “restart” a new 10-year period, this extends the accumulation of interest period and allows further growth of the income base
  • Spousal continuation and joined accounts for couples are offered
  • The guaranteed minimum fixed interest rate offered at the contract issue, usually between 1% and 3% for the life of the annuity contract
  • Income withdrawals are available for ages 50 and above


  • Rider charge is 0.95% of the income base total annually
  • Fixed interest rate on the account is subject to change annually
  • Once lifetime income payments begin, the accumulation of interest ends
  • Market Value Adjustment (MVA) is applied to all annual withdrawals in excess of the penalty free withdrawal before payments start and in excess of guaranteed withdrawal payment amount after that
  • On a full surrender, the minimum guaranteed surrender value of 87.5% rule will be applied to the premium (including accumulated interest)

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