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Ultra-Secure Plus 7-Year

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Premium Type
Single Premium
Max age Qualified
Minimum Contribution
Maximum Contribution
Market value adjustment
Return of premium
Free withdrawal
Launch date
Types of funds
Non-Qualified, IRA, IRA Rollover, IRA Transfer, SEP IRA, and 1035 Exchange
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The Ultra-Secure Plus is a Single Premium Deferred Annuity with a Market Value Adjustment that allows additional contributions.

Policy Minimums

The minimum initial contribution is $5,000 for Qualified and Non-Qualified. Additional contributions can be made for a minimum of $500.

Issue Ages
  • 5-year: 0-89 
  • 7-year: 0-88 
Security — United of Omaha guarantees return of purchase payment less any withdrawals and applicable premium tax.

Additional 0.15% added to interest rate on purchase payment and accumulation values over $50,000
Systematic withdrawal option — fixed dollar amount or interest only

Withdrawal Charge Period
  • 30-day window after each 5- or 7-year guarantee period to surrender, continue, or annuitize the contract penalty free.
  • The policyholder is notified by United of Omaha 45 days prior to the end of each 5- or 7-year withdrawal period and provided the options to continue, surrender or annuitize the contract.
  • If the policyholder does not contact United of Omaha, in writing, in the 30-day window after the current Guarantee Period ends, a new Guarantee Period of the same length will begin automatically. Withdrawal charges and an interest adjustment will be reinstated. The annual interest rate credited to your account will be based on then-current rates.  
Systematic withdrawal is an option.  Surrender schedules vary by rate term chosen. Charges are waived in the event of annuitization (after two years), death (including accidental death or the death of a spouse or minor dependent), disability, entrance into a hospital, admittance into a nursing home, diagnosis of a terminal illness, unemployment, an organ transplant, or damage to primary residence.  There is a 30-day window after each guarantee period to surrender, continue, or annuitize the contract penalty free.

Return of Premium guarantee
  • One hundred percent of remaining premium can be returned at anytime, less any withdrawals and applicable premium tax.
  • Surrender value will never be less than purchase payments, less any withdrawals and applicable premium tax.
  • Renews at time of contract renewal and guarantees the client the accumulation value at the time of most recent renewal date, less any withdrawals and applicable premium tax.
Death Benefit
  • The accumulation value less any applicable premium taxes 
Access to your money
With Ultra-Secure Plus, your money is always available, allowing you the flexibility to access your money as you may need it.

Account Withdrawals
We believe that you should have free access to your money – after all it belongs to you. That’s why you’re allowed to withdraw up to 10 percent of your accumulated account value each year without a withdrawal charge or interest adjustment (Withdrawals before age 591/2 are subject to a 10 percent federal income tax penalty).

Life Events
We understand that the unexpected can happen. That’s why you have free access to your money in the following circumstances: 
  • Hospitalization 
  • Disability 
  • Terminal illness 
  • Unemployment 
  • Death of a spouse or minor dependent 
  • Damage to your residence 
  • Transplant surgery 

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MYGA Interest Rates

Annual percentage yield (APY)
earned over the investment term
7 years 4.85%


No Riders for Ultra-Secure Plus 7-Year annuity.



The maximum allowable surrender is 50% of the accumulation value for the death of a spouse and 25% for the death of a minor dependent.


30 days confinement.

Nursing Home

30 days elimination period. The nursing home waiver does not include home health care.

Terminal Illness

12 month life expectancy.


60 days elimination period.


After two years.


Policy owner must meet criteria for Social Security Disability Benefits and be under age 65.

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