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The Bonus Flexible Annuity provides tax-deferred growth and access to your money when you need it. It also allows for flexible contributions and has a variety of payout options. 
‘Bonus’ and ‘ Flexible’ are the Key Words The key benefits of a Bonus Flex Annuity are the additional interest rate opportunities and the flexible options you have to make contributions and withdrawals. 
Bonus interest rate opportunities: 
  • An additional one percent interest rate is credited to purchase payments received during the first 12 months 
  • An additional 0.15 percent interest rate will be credited to accumulation values equal to or over $50,000 
Flexible contribution options – An initial deposit of $5,000 or a $1,200 annual commitment is required to open a Bonus Flexible Annuity contract. You can also roll over IRA and Simplified Employee Pension plans to open a Bonus Flexible Annuity contract. After your initial deposit, you can make additional contributions either monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually – whatever works best for your needs.
If additional contributions are made, a $1,200 minimum is required each year. 

Systematic income options
– When you’re ready to begin receiving payments from your Bonus Flexible Annuity, you can choose if you want to receive payments monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. You can also customize the amount of income payments you receive in amounts as low as $100.

Variety of payout options – You also have the flexibility to determine how you want to receive payments from your Bonus Flexible Annuity contract: 
  • Specified amount
  • Specified period 
  • Lifetime income 
  • Lump sum 
  • Alternative schedule (may be available upon request) 
Access to your money when you need it
We understand that life happens and situations arise where you may need access to your money. Rest assured that a Bonus Flexible Annuity contract gives you immediate access to your money, with no withdrawal charges, for the following situations: 
  • You can withdraw 10 percent of your accumulated account value each year without a withdrawal charge or interest adjustment 
  • Annuitization after the second contract year if applied to a payment option (no surrender charge and you can turn the annuity into a lifetime income stream without a penalty) 

Traditional Fixed Annuity Interest Rates

Surrender Years First Year Yield Term Guaranteed Yield Term Current Yield
8 5.2% 0.69% 4.33%

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