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RateTrack Annuity, the industry's first floating rate annuity, offers unprecedented potential for automatic interest rate increases as rates rise without incurring market risk.

Here are a few advantages:
  • Potential to receive higher interest rates automatically as rates rise during your client’s contract Guarantee Period
  • Interest that compounds tax free until withdrawal
  • Ability to access a portion of the funds without penalty
  • Ability to access some or all of the money in a health emergency
  • Death benefit
Interest Crediting
During the selected Guarantee Period, the annuity features a unique interest crediting structure comprised of a Guarantee Period Base Rate (set at issue for the length of the Guarantee Period), in addition to a floating rate, the 3 Month CME Term SOFR Reference Rate, which resets annually at the rate on the last business day preceding contract anniversary) subject to a cap (set at issue for the length of the Guarantee Period).
After the selected Guarantee Period, the interest rate will be determined and set on an annual basis but will be no less than the GMIR.

Free Withdrawal
The Owner may withdraw up to 10% of the initial premium in the 1st Contract Year and up to 10% of the prior contract anniversary Account Value each subsequent year, free of surrender charges. Please refer to the contract for more details.

Death Benefit
100% of Account Value, less any applicable premium tax.

Stretch Annuity Option (Available on Non-qualified and Inherited IRA Incoming Transfers)
The stretch annuity option on non-qualified incoming transfers allows the non-spousal beneficiary to take death distributions over his or her life expectancy.

Note: TSP funds would be accepted as a rollover.

Traditional Fixed Annuity Interest Rates

Surrender Years First Year Yield Term Guaranteed Yield Term Current Yield
5 6.07% 3.61% 6.07%

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