LibertyMark Series by Americo Financial Life

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These series offer single premium deferred fixed indexed annuities with surrender periods of 7 or 10 years. LibertyMark Series offer the following plans: 7, 7 Plus, 10, 10 LT, 10 Plus and 10 LT Plus. There are 7 optional index strategies, four have no caps and variable participation rate and three strategies with caps. Crediting strategy choices include 1 or 2 year index terms, with point-to-point or monthly averaging. Index choices include S&P 500, Dow Jones Real estate, S&P 500 Risk Control, S&P 500 Inversion and blended monthly averaging.


  • Contract minimum is $2,000 for qualified and $5,000 for non-qualified money.
  • No market value adjustment (MVA) fees
  • Waiver of Surrender Charges Upon Nursing Home or Hospital Confinement.
  • Minimum guaranteed annual rate of at least 1%
  • Accepts qualified and non-qualified money; traditional, Roth, Inherited, and SEP IRA; and noncontributory 403(b)/TSA plans.
  • Death Benefit—greatest of full accumulation value, return of premium less any prior gross withdrawals.
  • 7Plus and 10Plus and 10LT Plus plans offer additional bonus interest of 5-15% applied at the end of the term
  • No additional cost for joined account or to add another owner to the contract during the term of the annuity.


  • Annual Optimizer Fee, 7-year products: 1.00%, 10-year products: 1.25%
  • Caps and participation rates are subject to change by the end of each term period.
  • Minimum guaranteed term period participation rates as low as 5%

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