Allianz 222 by Allianz Life

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Allianz Life is #1 seller of fixed annuities in the US. Allianz 222 is a deferred fixed indexed annuity with surrender period of 10 years that offers lifetime income withdrawals. There is a choice of several crediting strategies and index option and fixed interest option. Index choices include S&P 500, NASDAQ-100 and EURO STOXX 50, there is also a blended index option (blend based on 5 indexes). Minimum initial premium is $20,000; additional premium is accepted through the first 3 contract years. Allianz 222 allows you to continue growing your funds and to start receiving lifetime income withdrawals after the age of 60. As an incentive, there are bonuses offered for annuitants who elect to receive lifetime income withdrawals any time after the surrender period ends and they reach the age of 60. There is an up to 20% bonus interest on all premium payments added in the first 3 years and also 50% bonus interest on any fixed and/or indexed return for as long as you have your contract. Protected Income Value (PIV) is used to issue lifetime income payments, PIV is accumulation value plus bonus interest earned. Guaranteed lifetime annual income withdrawal is from 4.5% to 6% depending on age and joined or single status. There is a lifetime withdrawal income increase after income withdrawals begin, the income from your PIV will increase each year based on the interest rate credited to your allocations, plus the 50% interest bonus. Allianz 222 offers 2 death benefit options, the beneficiary (ies) can receive a lump sum of the full accumulation value (bonus not included) or they can receive the PIV, including the premium and interest bonuses, in the form of payments over a minimum of five years.


  • Excellent bonus interest offered for those who elect to receive lifetime withdrawals
  • Provides lifetime income without a rider, plus an opportunity for payment increases
  • The annual withdrawal income will increase each year based on the annual interest
  • There is a 1.35% guaranteed minimum interest rate for the first 10 years and additional guaranteed rate of 1% after 10 years
  • There is no market value adjustment (MVA) with this annuity
  • Surrender charges waiver for long-term care(nursing home) event is included
  • maximum annual withdrawal amount can double for certain hospital / nursing care / assisted living situations


  • Withdrawals taken prior to age 59½ may be subject to IRS penalties
  • Surrender charges are 10% for the first 3 years of the contract
  • Bonuses do not apply if you elect to withdraw a lump sum or do a partial surrender
  • Full contract value is not available for immediate withdrawal as death benefit, full value( including bonus interest) is available only with 5 year payment plan

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