Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company

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The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company has received strong financial strength ratings from independent ratings agencies, reflecting its financial stability and its ability to meet its obligations to its policy holders and others.

More than two million individuals trust VALIC to help them plan for and enjoy a secure retirement. We are a leading provider of retirement plans for public K-12, higher education, healthcare, government and other not-for-profit institutions and we earn competitive ratings from leading independent industry analysts.

Our financial advisors combine experience and knowledge with advanced financial modeling tools to help you plan a secure retirement. Here’s what to expect when you meet:

  1. Discover.  Review your financial situation and objectives to develop a picture of your financial status, then list your goals.
  2. Learn. Discuss planning concepts (diversification, asset allocation, investment strategies, tax planning and estate preservation).
  3. Plan. Develop a personal plan — a blueprint to help you reach your goals.
  4. Implement. Develop financial strategies to meet current needs and future goals.
  5. Review. A periodic review of your priorities, goals and investments to keep your plan on track.


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Company Ratings

A.M. Best - A
Standard & Poor's
Moody's - A2
Weiss - B
Comdex - 81

Company Contacts


P.O. BOX 15648

Amarillo, TX 79105-5648

Phone: 1-800-448-2542