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Lincoln OptiChoice fixed indexed annuity is an excellent choice for planning retirement income. This annuity is offered with five, seven or nine-year surrender periods, there are choices of three indexed accounts and a fixed rate account. Nursing Home Confinement and Terminal Illness Waivers are available in most states. Death benefit payment is issued to beneficiaries if contract holder dies before annuitization.

There are four annuitization options: 1) Fixed Period Income (minimum 5 years), 2) Life Income (single or joined) 3) Interest Only option pays interest on your total annuity proceeds during a specified period of time, after which you may receive your annuity proceeds plus interest, or choose another payment option, 4) Fixed Amount Income of selected amount payments until account is exhausted (minimum 5 year payment period). Once chosen, it is not possible to stop and start the income payments.

Lincoln Lifetime Income Edge rider is available for an additional cost for single and joined accounts. Lifetime income payment varies depending on the age of the annuitant and how long the money was on the account before the payments begun, from 4.5% for age 60-64 with 5 year surrender period to 8.25% for ages 85-89 after 10 year surrender period.


  • Choice of four excellent annuitization options offered
  • Systematic withdrawals can be taken annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly from the Fixed Account prior to annuitization
  • Lifetime Income Edge Rider offers substantial boost to the retirement income, offering generous percentage annually, significantly higher than average.
  • Annuitization offers a unique tax treatment - income payments from non-qualified contracts are taxed partly as ordinary income, and partly tax-free as a return of basis.
  • Income withdrawals are available for ages 50 and above


  • In addition to surrender charges, Market Value Adjustment (MVA) is applied to all annual withdrawals in excess of 10%
  • Fixed rates, caps and participation rates are subject to change annually over the life of the contract
  • On a full surrender before the end of contract, the minimum guaranteed surrender value of 87.5% rule will be applied to the premium (including accumulated interest)
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